• How To Start To Get Connected To You

    Here are some benefits of being connected to yourself: You may feel at peace and aligned with yourself. You may find you have more time to truly rest, relax, and be more present in each moment. Yo
  • Water and Hydrating

    Water makes up to 70% of your body. H2O is an essential energy-yielding nutrient for the body to function well.
  • Sugar

    How well your body operates depends not entirely but is significantly affected by the fuel you give it. You can optimize the vitality of that process with what kinds of nutrition you give it daily.
  • How I'm Handling Stress During Uncertain Times

    With the current pandemic I thought I would share some helpful tips that are helping me stay sane through all the unknown.
  • Guidelines for a Healthier You

    What are some staples you do to keep healthy?
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    Morning Routines

    How you start your day matters!

    Breathing Meditation

    Have you ever tried breathing meditation?
  • Essentials for Sore Muscles

    Are your muscles tired and need some TLC?