Breathing Meditation

People these days seem so stressed out and anxious, yet seem to just live in that state of tension every day. Here's a way I have been practicing to de-stress, feel less anxious and calm my nerves. Be still, friends, it could change your life and help your outlook!    


Breathing Meditation


  • Sit on the floor or in a chair in a comfortable position, supported.
  • Clear your mind of everything. (Pause your thoughts as much as you can. Whatever it is you feel worried, sad, angry, even happy about.) Just try to be.

  • Start with a deep breath, inhaling through your nose. Pause and then breathe out through your nose.

  • Try to keep your comfortable posture and relax your body. Intentionally let anything that's tense, relax.
  • Keep breathing in through your nose and out with intention and steadiness. Maybe try a five-count with your inhale and a seven-count on your exhale.
  • Try saying a short phrase with your inhale "I feel joy" or "I am loved" on your exhale. Pick words/phrases that are meaningful, positive, and help you feel peaceful.
  • Slowly and steadily keep breathing, and when things come into your mind (to-do lists, etc...) push them aside and just breathe them out. Think those phrases with each breath if you choose. 
  • Keep relaxing, keep breathing for as long as you can. Try 2-5 minutes to start with and move up to 10 minutes gradually.


You may find yourself feeling more relaxed, less pain in that one spot, just by doing this breathing meditation every day or a couple times a week. 

I dare you to try it. How do you feel? Maybe journal some thoughts afterward.


This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Look! I am going to put breath into you and make you live again! - Ezekiel 37:5

Beautiful Sunsets are so peaceful and centering.
Sunshine and water are two amazing elements for my soul.
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Good ideas. Great scripture at the end.

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