• Real Connections Matter, Understanding Self

    This past year has been so different, to say the least, with a pandemic, social unrest, elections, and many dynamics in families and households, all unique and unequal.
  • Take Your Thoughts Captive

    All the chaos in the world right now caused me, and probably a lot of you, to be in a state of high stress. 
  • More Vegetables and Fruit Please!

    Adding in an extra piece of fruit or replacing something with a few veggies is one way to get in those nutrients
  • RELAX and Flow

    What are you doing today to rest, relax, unwind, and treat your body well?
  • Gut Health

    If your gut is unhealthy and you eat foods with no good nutrition and empty calories, your whole body could suffer and stay unhealthy.
  • Wanna Date?

    Let's talk about the sweet, caramel-flavored, dried fruit called Dates!
  • Strength/Weight Training Benefits

    Weight training strengthens the mind.
  • Maximizing Your Nutrients

    Every time we eat should be a chance for you to add nutrients to your body.