Self Image of a Young Girl

Self-image of a young girl


What is self-image? How we see ourselves. One definition says, "The idea, conception, or mental image one has of oneself". 

I grew up without social media as a way to express myself or impress. I am writing this blog, trying to relate to the younger generation. There are pros and cons of technology and how it's transformed our society. I feel like I can't relate to the generation of posing on Instagram as a way to make friends. What happened to bonding with a classmate or a neighbor and talking to them to learn if you wanted to be their friend? How do people see you if you just post selfies all day? What are u trying to say to the world? How do you see you? What you are saying or posting does matter. 

Do u know how important your view of yourself is? "You are what you think, not what you think you are."

I'm trying to relate to all you lovely beautiful souls out there trying to look for answers in your likes on FB or other social media. It's only there to add to your life not be all of it.

My self-image has had different stages in my life. From one way to another of emotions and learning and growing and coming back around to not really caring what people think. But loving myself through it all. 

It's amazing how your own view of yourself makes a big difference in life, emotions, well being and ultimately your thoughts. So keep those thoughts positive and focus on what really matters. If you can find a balance in your self, your future self will thank you for it. 


Silly selfie, enjoying the moment.