Motivation Ways

Motivation Ways

What's your incentive to get out of bed in the morning? As a young adult, I looked for inspiration in everything worldly: the right job, the right guys, my friends, even the right moments. Over time, I realized I had to find it within myself and keep plugging away at something real and deeper, and much bigger than me. I've surfaced here writing this blog to possibly inspire someone who feels like I once did.

Motivation is the reason for people's actions, desires and needs. Motivation is also one's direction of behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior. Motivation has been considered one of the most important reasons that inspire a person to move forward.

Motivation comes from within! What moves you to be better, to change from within, to work through the crap that builds up in all of us? Can we move past things and through fears of whatever it may be? My motivation is personal and real, like everyone. When I wake up, (but first give me coffee), I feel alive and want to do all the things I listed in the Happy Healthfuls, most days anyway. I want to treat my body like a temple and nourish it to be the best I can be every day. I want to hydrate my body and move it to be stronger, more limber and have more endurance to get through all of life's everything. I'm not perfect, but I strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Movement and whole foods are two things that have proven time and again to be a good starting point for me to push from, like a platform. My motivation is not all about doing a workout every day but rather how I feel after doing one and reaping the benefits of being consistent with my workouts as well as maximizing my nutrition. They really do go hand in hand. What I eat and how I move my body affect my mind, body and soul. Of course, what goes into my eyes, ears and heart affects these things too.

What motivates any of us to shine or be all we can be? Can we embrace the balance of living, working, being as we are? Do you find the time to take care of what's important to you? Fight the fears within that soul of the quiet scared child to be better, to be you, and all of you. Push on and do what you must do. Never stop moving forward.

Some of my motivations have been accountability, mostly to myself and God. I have started writing a lot more recently with this website and WOW the inspiration. It has put a fire in my soul in such a good way. Journaling has always been so therapeutic for me. Look around your daily life for inspiration. It's more than likely right in front of you.  I find inspiration from people like my dad as well as friends, coworkers, and people who cross my path daily. Look for people that are like-minded and learn from them and share what you know too, maybe they can learn something as well.

 Keeping notes, pictures, phrases or words that stick out to me in a notebook or on sticky pads (everywhere around my house) helps later when I'm seeking encouragement and inspiration.

Do you want to start working out, eating better, being better than you were yesterday in whatever form that takes for you? If figuring out what makes you whole and free is part of your daily journey, then sit in stillness, start journaling, make some goals and follow through. Push forward cause you deserve to be a better you. Decide today to do something and just do it, then repeat, and tinker with the details along the way. Adjust as you go and one day maybe that moment of 'aha' will come and you'll be creating the life you want.

Being out in nature in sunshine moving my body inspires me.
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