Just Move

Just Move

My motto has become 'Just Move', consistent intentional movements.

We have become lazy and unhealthy as a society. Jobs sitting in a cubicle for hours on end, staring at a computer screen, and fast food that makes us even more tired with hardly any nutritional value. These habits are very different from days long ago of endless movements and eating what they grew.

After a long day the other day I realized I hadn't got any intentional movement in. I was not feeling up for my scheduled workout, so I tiredly got through a low impact workout video. I felt accomplished after and slept like a baby when my head hit the pillow shortly after. Point here, I try to keep my body in motion even though I don't always want to. There is a fine line between feeling lazy and unmotivated and needing to just rest. Listen to your body. Push when you need to, but pay attention to your body's cues.

Most days I try to move with intention, be it a walk, jog, or a strength, cardio or a mix of them. When I feel like I need to rest I do and usually foam roll or do some good stretches. Rest days are critical to a balanced well-rounded fitness program. Walking then running was my starting point early on in my fitness journey. Now I have come to love strength training and HIIT cardio. I have grown in my thinking of myself, others and have found a soul fulfilling way to inspire others to move on the regular.

Are you struggling with your weight? Do you sit at a desk all day in front of a screen? Do you lack the energy to get through your day, but don't really do anything to help that, movement wise?

How do you start to feel better? Get up and move, often and consistently, that's how you start. Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can even download a pedometer app on your phone to make it a fun challenge. How many steps can you get in throughout your day? There are so many things you can do to move in small spaces. Dancing, stretching, jumping jacks, or just going for a walk or a hike, to name a few. There are so many online workouts on so many different sites. You don't need a lot of space, just a little willpower, and a little imagination.

Getting up and moving often will do wonders for your productivity, energy, and even your attitude. Moving can help with mental health, digestion, and even helps you sleep better. Movement helps me work through things in my life. It seems to get everything flowing from blood, to thoughts, problem-solving, learning, and even motivation. Just move your body, we are meant for action, not stationary living. We are meant for movement and hard work. Just Move!

As I walked with my mom one day, I looked down at my feet, one foot in front of the other and our strides. Does your foot arch up on one side? Do you have leg pain? Can paying attention to your foot motion and each step affect your body? Proper alignment with your daily steps as well as your workouts is important. Paying attention to your moves of all kinds can help to steer clear of injuries.

More often than not, I turn on music or a podcast that is inspirational or just informative while I get my movement on. I've been listening to Revelation Wellness podcasts for a while now. Wanna check them out? You will move and breathe as well as think about life a bit differently. There's a sample podcast below.

Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.


Walking on a trail.