Daily Motions

Daily Motions

Are you new to working out, or have you been sedentary for too long? Is the idea of working out overwhelming to you? You know you need to do something different and move your body more. Do you feel tired and achy and lack energy for your days? Do you struggle with your weight?

I'm no expert but what I have learned over the years about fitness, I have learned through trial and error. I have figured out things that work and don't work for me. We are all different, so something that works for me maybe won't work for you. I would recommend anyone starting out to start small and start somewhere, now not later. Just decide to make a change and do it. Take one step closer to where you want to be and keep at it, slowly and steadily. Consistency is key to any kind of progress.

First off, find the reason why you need to change, be it your health, keeping up with your kids, or the desire to feel better in your skin. Make some short-term goals, like taking the stairs or taking time every day to move with intention. Maybe do that every day for a week or two. Then try to go a little faster, pace-wise, and maybe a little farther. Don't do too much too fast or you'll burn out quick. Rest when you need, take a day off when you need to and just listen to your body. But each time you move, try to push yourself a bit more than the last time.

Want to try a low impact cardio video? Just start small! Don't push yourself too hard or too fast. Being consistent with your daily motions is most important. When you start moving, you will find that there are endorphins that are released in your body when you exercise, so you're gonna feel really good. Being slow and steady will get you closer to your goals. One day at a time, one workout at a time, use gradual changes to push yourself a little bit more each time. Be kind to yourself.

Working out has become a part of my daily life, no questions asked. My mind has changed and my body has followed that lead. My daily motions have created a place for unspent energy to go. When I move, it helps me stay focused in my daily life. Movement definitely assists in my confidence and my need to keep growing, as well as challenging my mind, body, and spirit.

Setting short term and long term goals are essential to changing lazy habits. I keep inspiration (such as words and pictures of adventurous places we've been) nearby to keep me focused on my goals. Daily reminders of why I chose to make working out a priority are key to change and success. (My reasons are to be stronger, more flexible, and having more cardiorespiratory endurance, among other things.) So get off your butt, put on some good music, and move a little today to get started on making your health a priority.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Behind the falls, below, was an inspiring place to be and an adventure to get to. I had to be ninja-like to get behind the falls. I almost fell in the water, but didn't, thanks to my agility. 


Trail walking.