Hey there,


As some of you may know I’ve been taking a consulting certification program through the Conservatory of the Heart School. I have come more fully alive in my original design. I have shifted my fix-it mentality to a rediscovery process with compassion and curiosity. Self-compassion has changed my life. I feel more authentically connected to my truest self. I'm more at peace and joyful these days than maybe ever before because of all the intentional work I’ve done. 


I have integrated a lot of self-compassion through this course and it's softened my hard shell and it pours out through me. I have shared a lot of this process with my closest people and compassion has had a trickle effect in various ways in their lives as well. We all have a story and it can’t be changed but we can infuse it with love, comfort, and being with.


I believe this is the work of life. I am still learning but also teaching and empowering people how to go on this same journey of the Compassion Method. It is for anyone who feels stuck or not connected to their truest version of themself. Maybe you keep having big reactions to certain people or situations. Maybe you keep coping in that way because that's the only way you know how to get by. I was very numbed and disassociated for a lot of my life. Always running, hiding, and distracting from all that I felt inside, I was too afraid to face myself. I finally sat long enough, got softened, and received so much healing. I haven’t arrived because this is a process.


But through the course of the last few months, I've seen a difference in my face, specifically my eyes, my thoughts are more positive, and the anxiety I've struggled with in the past is gone. And I know how to navigate life's ups and downs now, thanks to this process. Also, I can share what I'm feeling and my truths because I now know. Thanks to the most compassionate woman I know, Laura Duncan, and all of the hard work she’s done creating this process. I am training to be able to give what I’m learning away and I will soon be certified as a Compassion Method Consultant. If you want to hear more, reach out. I would love to share.